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£60 per person


2 hours


About our Hander Course

Our brand new hands-on handlers courses give you the perfect opportunity to learn about all things alpaca at Goodness Farm.

The 2 hour course is broken down into focused areas, where you will spend time with the alpacas, learn about the species and understand how to care for them. You'll learn about welfare, shelter, feeding and healthcare, as well as the fascinating science and art of the alpaca fleece. You'll also get hand-on, learning how to put on a halter and walk an alpaca.

On completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of achievement.


16 years old + 

"This Alpaca experience is the most wonderful way to spend your time. Leading the alpaca through a little wood, stopping for photos was magic.
They seem to love company and especially having their photos taken. It's a great day out."
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