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Sponsor a cria

Follow a baby alpaca's journey

Our popular 'Sponsor a Cria' packages give you the opportunity to spend 1 on 1 time with one of the alpacas born at Goodness Farm.


Sponsor a Cria packages include:


  • Personalised sponsorship certificate

  • A training session with your cria in springtime

  • A walk session in the Summer


Our sponsor a cria package is £75


Personalised certificate

Cria training session

Summer walk session

Siouz star.jpg

Sioux star (2022 cria)

Sioux star is a beautiful dark brown girl who is very sweet natured and can be found joining in when everyone else starts playing in the paddocks!


Kiowa (2022 cria)

Kiowa is a little boy who had a bit of a tough start. He was born 3 weeks early by c-section. But this hasn’t stopped him he lives up to his name which means strong. He loves getting up to mischief and coming to greet and make a fuss of anybody that comes into the paddock.


Panola (2022 cria)

Panola was our 1st Cria of 2022. She has a lovely bright white fleece which is where her name comes from as it means cotton. Panola can be found hanging around with her best friend Kiona running around the paddocks together. They even love to relax together and enjoy the sunshine!


Tabalita (2022 cria)

Tabalita was born on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend which is where her name comes from as it means crown. Tablita is the most inquisitive cria who will come and have nosey at anyone who walks through the gate!


Kiona (2022 cria)

Kiona has a lovely golden coloured fleece, her name means brown hills. Kiona will usually be found hanging around with her best friend Panola! She loves to encourage all the other cria to play and run around the paddocks.


Elu (2022 cria)

Elu is a lovely brown little girl, her name means beautiful, and she is! Elu is a very relaxed and loves to be nearby her mum. She is usually found in the dust area relaxing.


Koko (2022 cria)

Koko definitely stands out in the paddock with his dark brown fleece and his darker legs and head. His name means night. Koko was our 1st male Cria of 2022.He is the most mischievous and can usually be found getting into all sorts of mischief around the farm!


Kasa (2022 cria)

Kasa was our 1st Suri cria of 2022. Her name means dressed in fur. Kasa is always running around chasing her best friend Apache. She is always full of energy.


Apache (2022 cria)

Apache is one of our other suri crias. She has beautiful locks. Apache loves been by her best friend Kasa’s side and also not too far away from her mum. She loves running round the paddock showing of her luxurious locks.


The Final Act (Fin) (2022 cria)

Fin joined the sheriff gang along with his mum. He soon made lots of friends. Fin loves joining in playing with the others especially with Koko sometimes joining in his mischief! Fin can be found always having a big smile on his face!

Colonel Custer.jpg

Colonel Custer (2022 cria)

Colonel Custer definitely stands out in the herd with his white markings. He's a very cheeky boy and can be found running around with his friends and copying his Mum by trying to reach the fruit from the trees.

Sheriff Canyon.jpg

Sheriff Canyon (2022 cria)

Sheriff Canyon is our last Suri Cria of 2022. He is a very special little boy who is a half brother to Best British Suri at the National Alpaca Show 2022. He can be found running around the paddock showing off his luxurious locks.


Sheriff Pokahontas (2022 cria)

Sheriff Pokahontas is the most energetic cria born this year. She's always having zoomies around the paddock with her friends, or alone. When she's had enough she can be found resting beside her mum, grazing on grass.


Sheriff Cheyenne (2022 cria)

Sheriff Cheyenne is the last cria to be born in 2022 and wow, what a lovely girl she is, too! Her friend are always getting her to join in with their zoomies around the field and she loves being laid out in the autumn sun.

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