Welcome to Sheriff Alpacas, based just outside of Strensall, York. Surrounded by rolling fields and woods you can “mosey on down” for the ultimate Alpaca experience.

Situated on a 7-acre organic farm, the Sheriffs really do live an idyllic life. Founder Caroline Barugh purchased her first Alpaca in 2014 and today has a strong herd of 30 alpacas growing year on year.


Walking with alpacas is great fun and we hope to make it both enjoyable and informative. During your visit, you'll learn about the special qualities of alpaca fleece and how each alpaca has its own personality and quirks.


We will introduce you to our walking team, our mums and cria (baby alpacas). Get up close and personal with these beautiful animals, feel how soft their fleeces are and listen to them hum to each other; you may even get a kiss!


SA Pinto2.png

Pinto (2021 cria)

Pinto is a cheeky boy who's often seen racing around the field like a racehorse. His unique markings make him look like he's wearing socks and his nose has been dipped in snow. He loves the attention and is always willing to give alpaca kisses.

SA Can Can.JPG

Can Can (2021 cria)

Can Can is a smiley Suri girl who loves to have a run around the field, showing off her luxurious lcoks. She always has a smile on her face, ready to greet the visitors on the farm.

SA Miss Chief.JPG

Miss Chief (2021 cria)

Miss Chief is the cuddliest alpaca on the farm. She can be seen laid down guarding the food troughs or wandering around trying to find her next visitor to snuggle with. She has a super-soft fluffy fleece and loves to make a sweet humming sound.

SA Falling Angel.JPG

Falling Angel (2021 cria)

Falling Angel is a stunning girl. She has the brightest fleece which always stands out. She loves playing and can often be seen encouraging the other Cria to do zoomies around the field with her.


Sarsaparilla (2021 cria)

Sarsaparilla is a gorgeous girl and she definitely knows it! She can be found walking around the farm, showing off her fluffy white fleece to everyone.


Rango (2021 cria)

Rango is the quietest Cria. Lovely, and very sweet-natured, he can be found following the others.


Sundown (2021 cria)

Sundown is a boisterous boy, always full of energy. He has a lovely, soft fleece and loves playing with his pals on the farm. He can always be found encouraging the others to play.

Adelaide Adam.JPG

Adelaide Adam (2021 cria)

Adelaide Adam is a character! She is playful - usually on her own terms. She is very independent and will soon let the others know if she doesn't want to play!

Miss Sure Shot.JPG

Little Miss Sure Shot (2021 cria)

Little Miss Sure Shot is the oldest Cria and boy, is she a beauty! She even came 2nd in her class at a recent Halter Show. She can usually be found showing off her beauty, running around the farm and being a brilliant role model to the younger ones.


Our popular 'Sponsor a Cria' packages give you the opportunity to spend 1 on 1 time with one of the alpacas born at Goodness Farm.