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A spring clean for the Sheriff Alpacas site

Life is busy over at Goodness Farm. With our lively herd of alpacas (and MANY other animals) to care for and tasty fruit and veg to tend to for our sister business Goodness Growing, there's never a spare (or dull!) moment.

But we knew we needed to give our website a little TLC. So, with a little help (not from the alpacas - they're not very tech savvy) we've given the Sheriff Alpacas site a spring clean.

You can now find out more about the different alpaca experiences we offer at Goodness Farm, from alpaca walks to meet & greets, picnics to something totally bespoke.

We also have a growing FAQ section, covering all the questions we often get asked about the alpacas. If we missed one, let us know!

You can browse the Sheriff Shop, where we sell gorgeous wool and other produces made from our alpaca fleeces. It's SUPER soft!

And, perhaps most importantly, we have updated our booking system. You can now check our alpaca experience availability and make a booking easily from your mobile phone or laptop.

We hope you like the changes and find the new info helpful! Of course, there's bound to be a gremlin somewhere in the system, so if you have any problems at all please send an email to and we'll get it fixed (not by the alpacas).

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