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Seasonal delights at the Sheriff Saloon

We are absolutely thrilled to open the Sheriff Saloon - a new gifting area at Goodness Farm.

The Saloon is absolutely packed full of gifting goodness, from hand knitted alpaca wool hats, scarfs and mittens to gift vouchers, greetings cards, tasty treats and more.

As well as gifts, the Saloon also offers hot drinks, so you can enjoy a delicious fresh coffee, tea or hot chocolate while you browse.

We're so excited to open the Saloon as a place to showcase locally produced gifts and crafts, offer the softest and most snuggly 100% alpaca wool products and support talented artisans in York and the surrounding areas.

If you want to get your mitts on some gorgeous gifts, pop in and see us on Friday mornings 9-11 or when you visit for an alpaca experience.

Can't make it to the Saloon yet? Do check out a selection of our fabulous alpaca products in the online Sheriff Shop.

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