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Wellbeing walks at Sheriff Alpacas

New year, new you?

There's nothing like a new year to stoke the fires of a fresh start.

And one of the most common things we commit to when January rolls around? Getting healthy.

Whether it's through diet, exercise or stopping a bad habit, many of us make a resolution to change something for the better.

While we may not have a gym packed to the rafters with equipment, we definitely have something to offer when it comes to wellness and wellbeing - alpaca walks!

Ok, you're probably not going to break a sweat on one of our walks. BUT, enjoying the peace of the farm, getting outdoors, taking in the fresh air and getting the steps in, all in the company of some of nature's most calming creatures is certainly a big tick towards mindfulness!

Fancy a walk with our Sheriffs? Find out more about our walks or head straight over to check out our availability.

What does an alpaca walk involve exactly?

Glad you asked! On our walks you get a chance to get up close to our extremely soft, fluffy and friendly walking team - the adult alpacas that are halter trained and ready to ramble with you.

Once you arrive at the farm, our friendly team will introduce you to the walking boys and explain what you can expect as you take the reins.

After an introduction you're ready to set off, taking a leisurely stroll through the Woodland area of Goodness Farm.

As you get the steps in, the walk leader will share lots of interesting facts about the alpacas, from their breed type, characteristics and personalities to the unique qualities of the fleeces.

You'll have PLENTY of opportunities to grab a selfie with the Sheriffs - feel free to share them on socials and tag us in, we love to see them!

After the walk, you'll return with the walking boys back to the paddock, before an opportunity to check out the Saloon - a little shop packed with alpaca gifts and goodies.

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